Sequin Cushion Cover - "Rose Gold CUSTOM"

These sequin mermaid pillows are so much fun and with a hidden message printed on the white sequins makes for even more fun!

These sequins pillow start off with one colour (rose gold in this case) and as you swipe your hand, your custom image appears on the other side (the white side).

The cushion covers measure 16"x16" with zipper enclosure.


  • The back side is a velvety material (i.e. sequins are only on one side of the cover). Colour of material will range from white to cream/beige/tan depending on availability.
  • Due to the nature of these pillows, you will still be able to see the design from the rose gold side at certain angles. 
  • Every swipe of the pillow will shift the sequins in different positions.  This means the printed image will shift slightly with every swipe.  You may notice small gaps in the design due to this shifting.  Because of this, thicker fonts and solid designs are suggested
  • The zipper location may differ but I try to print the sequins so the zipper is either on the bottom or side of the cover.  This means you may be swiping either up to reveal the printed image or swiping down to reveal the printed image or swiping right to reveal the printed image or swiping left to reveal the printed image.
  • Not every sequin will lay flat on the cover.  I try my best to minimize this by loosening sequins that are sewn tight to the fabric but sometimes it cannot be done without compromising the sequin itself
  • The sequins may be stiff due to the heat pressing involved to transfer the ink but they should loosen up over time
  • This listing is for the cover only (insert not included)

To ensure your product lasts and due to the delicate nature of the sequins, spot clean is recommended. 

Current Turnaround

Current turnaround time is about a 1 week (this does not include shipping).  If you require your items sooner please message me prior to ordering and I'll see if it is feasible.