About Us


When I first had Claire, I thought I would never sleep again.  As she grew older, things settled down and my ever so active brain was itching to do something.  

I've always enjoyed creating new things.  This is why I ended up getting my PhD in mathematics.  I was creating new formulas, new theories, new methods.  But I felt the need to diverge from the science and move toward something more artistic.  

It started off designing birthday boards for Claire and then evolved from there.  A friend convinced me to buy some sublimation equipment and I was hooked.  Not only could I keep designing but now I had a way to give my designs life.

The name itself stemmed from two things.  One was the idea of printing on various substrates and so I wanted to convey that I am indeed a printing company in a sense - just not the typical paper and ink printing company.  Secondly, I wanted to make tribute to my dear fur baby Samson who had passed away suddenly during my pregnancy.

He really was my first love (yes, even before I met my husband) and he will always hold a special place in my heart.  And this is where the name The Printed Pug came from.

After my mat leave ended, I went back to work full time (as an instructor at Langara College).  I love teaching and am still able to enjoy my love of mathematics but now I can fulfill my artistic need of designing by also having The Printed Pug.  More importantly, I'm also a full time mother.  I hope to show Claire that hard work and determination are two qualities that any one can aspire to and to always do what you love.  So needlesstosay, I am still sleep-deprived and there are many late nights but I enjoy what I do and wouldn't have it any other way.


The Printed Pug creates personalized gifts for any person for any occasion.  Its mission is to create everyday items with memorable designs having a personalized touch.

The company was created in September of 2016 by Melisa Lavallee around a digital birthday board idea and expanded to include various printable items such as mugs, pillows, etc.  As the collection grows, The Printed Pug maintains a high standard of quality in all products that present an alternative to the typical overused designs seen in big box stores.