Ornament - "Greatest Gift of all - Grandchildren"

This cute family ornament makes for the perfect gift for Grandma or Grandpa.

     This Aluminum printed ornament measures approx. 3.9"x2.7" and is highly durable and will hold up over the years to come. No need to worry about little hands breaking or storage mishaps any more!  Ribbon is included for hanging the ornament (colour may differ depending on availability). 

    Please indicate the following when choosing your characters:

    • Which little people you want (by number/letter) along with corresponding name (also provide age of each little person so I can size them appropriately)
    • Hair colour and skin colour of each little person (if you want it changed).  Please note that outfits cannot be swapped (I may be able to change the colour of the dress/pants/shirt though).  I suggest picking the little person based on hair and outfit style and then I can customize skin/hair colour from there.

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